Want a Glimpse into a Games Athlete’s Training?

The EXACT 4-Week Training Cycle Ryan Sowder used to prepare for the 2019 CrossFit Games after taking 8 months off from training.

You would be hard pressed to find an elite level CrossFitter training on a templated “one-size fits all” program. Our sport has evolved and is taken much more seriously nowadays.

The best of the best are working with professionals who know how to assess and expertly tailor a program to fit their athletes’ needs while the amateurs cram everything into one program.

Coach El has built Ryan Sowder from the ground up, helping him achieve his goal of qualifying for the CrossFit Games as an individual competitor, and we’ll show you EXACTLY how he did it with:

  • A thoughtfully crafted 4-week training cycle designed to peak Ryan’s performance
  • 44 training sessions tailored to him
  • 17 Unique Gymnastic video drills you probably haven’t heard of
  • High-Level progressions designed to turn a weekend warrior into an Elite level competitor

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