Strength training that doesn’t suck.

You know what does suck? Working your ass off in the gym, but still having the same ass. Know what I mean?

Seeing zero results is a major buzz kill. That’s why we created this playbook — to close the gap many programs are missing, helping you get strong as hell in the process.

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What is Brute?

Brute Strength is an online training company on a mission to build better everybodies.

Experts spend their entire lifetime studying their specialty. So how can one coach possibly understand everything that goes into being excellent in the sport of fitness? They can’t.

That’s why we’ve built a team of leaders. Our team is made up of specialists in every discipline of fitness: strength, endurance, gymnastics, mindset, mobility. This key difference in our approach is what makes our programs — and our members — so well rounded.

Our mission is to inspire, educate and entertain as many people as possible to live stronger lives.

We’ve coached every kind of body from soccer moms and Olympians, to Games champions and college kids, plus pro athletes and working professionals to live happier, healthier lives through a holistic, team-based approach to physical and mental fitness.

Whether you want to pick up heavier heavy stuff or just look hot as hell in bed, Brute Strength has a program for you.