Domenic D’Agostino

Matthew Cooper

Domenic D’Agostino has pursued his passion for fitness since graduating high school in 2010. To him, the best way to juggle it all is to have an established “why” as a constant reminder to make it fun and never let it feel like a chore. He truly believes that the ability to make a living as a coach training in fitness is the best job in the world and has coached in the CrossFit community for six years.

Outside of training, you can catch Domenic binge-watching his favorite TV shows, like HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” or hitting up his go-to macro-friendly restaurant, Chipotle.

What is your favorite quote or training mantra?

“Who you are on the competition floor is a direct reflection of who you are in practice; no more and no less.”

What type of nutrition plan do you follow?

I eat high-quality food with lenient macro tracking (and a Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich here and there).

What are your tips for avoiding temptations and staying on track with your nutrition and training?

I keep only quality food inside my house. It’s harder to give into temptation if it’s not here.

What is a snack that you always carry in your gym bag?

A Grab the Gold bar!

Favorite lift/event/area of focus?

Snatch and ring muscle-up.