Dr. Sean Pastuch

Brute Strength

Dr. Sean specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of any dysfunction that limits athletic performance. His company, Active Life, helps Professional Athletes and CrossFit athletes from around the world, including multiple CrossFit Games Champions, with remote treatment in the form of strength and movement programming.

A former Crossfit Affiliate owner, Dr. Sean now focuses 100% of his time and energy on delivering inspiring rehab services to athletes all around the world. As a CrossFit athlete himself and of course a Brute, Dr. Sean understands the demands of your day to day and can deliver the assistance from a place a typical chiropractor or physical therapist may not understand. He develops the Performance Care Segments (recovery pieces) for Brute programs and ensures all of the reps and cycle rates in a program are well balanced.

In addition, Dr. Sean assists in managing mindset for Brute athletes around their aches and pains. If you are hurting, hit a plateau, or moving poorly, Dr. Sean wants to help.

You turned down a 7 figure/year offer for a career in finance to open Active Life, why?

I wanted a career that I could be excited to wake up for; something that I really looked forward to every day. I didn’t want to stay in an unfulfilling industry just for financial security.

I get that following the path to open Active Life is a longer one and probably a lot harder, but making money alone is not progress toward a worthy goal. I need to have a passion for what I’m doing, and I found that in Active Life.

How soon after dating your wife did you know you were going to marry her?

I knew a week after dating my wife that I was going to marry her – I even told my grandma.

What is one of your favorite sports memories?

​​In hindsight, losing my last college playoff game in baseball​. I was pitching, and I could have finished the game, but I didn’t. The guy(s) who came in after me ended up losing an eight-run lead and I haven’t pitched since because I got cut from the team.

It taught me that if I want something I need to not only start it but also to finish it. It stings, but it’s a valuable lesson. My happy favorite? Riding the goal posts down after the University of Maryland clinched the ACC football title in 2001/2002 season.

What motivates you?

I’m afraid of dying. I have work to do here before I go and I don’t know when I’m going to go.

What’s your favorite part of helping athletes with injury prevention and recovery?

​Teaching them that they don’t have to become their condition and that they don’t have to do something completely uninspiring (physical therapy appointments and quitting their dreams) to get what they want out of their body​.