Elcanah Senouvor

Matthew Cooper

One-on-one remote head coach, Elcanah Senouvor, was born in Côte D’Ivoire where his love of sports began at a young age. He started playing competitive soccer at the age of six and took that passion with him to the United States at age 13.

After graduating from LSU with a sports management degree and trying to figure out the next step in his life, he started personal training, which eventually led him to CrossFit. He quickly fell in love with the high-intensity atmosphere and welcoming community — so six months in, he was working toward becoming a coach.

Coach Senouvor is eager to continue developing the best athletes in the world into champions.

You moved to the United States from West Africa at the age of 13. How has that experience impacted your coaching style?

My dad worked for the UN, so we moved a lot when I was younger, which made moving here a lot easier. I was able to adapt to the culture change pretty quickly. I think my experiences growing up have allowed me to have a different approach when it comes to meeting athletes across the world. I can understand their thought process and the sacrifices they have to make to pursue their goals and passion. I love meeting people from across the globe.

What are your motivations in life?

Fulfilling my purpose. I think my purpose is to help others achieve their dreams. Athletes put their trust in us coaches to help them reach some of their biggest goals and dreams. My biggest fear is to feel like I’ve let them down, so I do my absolute best to help each and every client.

Do you have any tips on how to avoid temptation and stay on track with your nutrition and training?

Know your why. If you understand why you want to accomplish something, it makes it easier to be consistent on a day to day basis.

What’s your training mantra or favorite quote?

“Le futur a commencer,” which translates to “the future has begun.” Every day we have an opportunity to make choices that will affect our future either positively or negatively. We are in control of our destiny.