Mike Davis

Brute Strength

Mike Davis is a U.S. Marine anti-tank missile-man and combat marksmanship instructor who grew up in Southeast Louisiana. He fell in love with CrossFit and strength training while in the Marine Corps. Mike has been coaching CrossFit and strength and conditioning since 2012 and has trained anyone from grandmas to D-1 athletes.

His accomplishments range from multiple jobs in the Marine Corps to being a CrossFit gym owner. Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology (fitness and human performance) and is currently pursuing his master’s in exercise philosophy. Aside from helping others in the gym and in life, he’s passionate about his faith and his family.

Tell us about your background in the military?

In August of 2009, I joined the Marine Corps and attended boot camp at MCRD in San Diego, and Camp Pendleton in California. From that point, I attended numerous schools and training and am most proud of completing my service with an honorable discharge. I had some of the best times, and worst times in the Marine Corps, but it has molded me into the man I am today!

With your love for learning, what are some of your favorite resources for education?

Books, books, and more books in addition to any article that holds credible value. I love scientific journals, and any literature pertaining to physiology, biochemistry or nutrition. I think all of the Eastern European training methodologies are a good place to start when looking at weightlifting. So yeah, books and scientific journals are my go-tos! When it comes to learning, I believe that I’ll never know it all, so that essentially pushes me to keep studying every day.

What’s your favorite part about coaching?

My favorite part about being a coach is watching an athlete progress mind, body and soul throughout a program. The sense of reward is awesome!  

What motivates you?

Helping people! Realistically, to be the best husband, dad and person I can be within that present day. Spiritual, mental and physical variables are all interrelated and make us the people we are.

So what’s this Pump Shack we hear about?

The Pump Shack is truly a work of art and superb workout facility! HA. So when my family and I moved to my grandparents’ farm out here in Husser, LA, I had no place to train. I walked into my Maw Maw’s shed/storage area by the dairy barn (which had a dirt floor at the time), measured it out and thought, “This will be perfect for a rack and some weights!” So I built a platform within the shack, made my Rogue rack, threw some rings around the sycamore tree outside, and built an outdoor Olympic-lifting platform.

Hence, the Pump Shack was created. I made the space just for the wife and me, but subsequently, people saw me posting online about it and wanted me to train them. That’s the Pump Shack. It’s a double entendre. Not only does it have a water pump, but you get pumped? Get it?