Nick Fowler

Brute Strength

Director of Strength and Conditioning

Nick Fowler is a leading coach in the fitness industry, he’s been coaching athletes since 2003.

Nick has a very athletic background and a love for sports and outdoors. He’s played lacrosse and football at the college level, he’s a premier rock climber, ice climber, and alpinist who has established first ascents around the world. Nick holds multiple speed records for climbing El Capitan, and is currently working toward his 100th ascent of the wall.

Nick has applied training from many disciplines to improve his own performance. With the introduction of Crossfit in 2006, Nick specialized in coaching individual athletes and small teams. He has deep knowledge of multiple methodologies and a passion for developing a systems-level view for athlete development. He has applied his systematic approaches to World Cup skiers, professional mountain bikers, runners and climbers. His is best known for his experience coaching elite level Crossfit competitors, Wasatch Brutes (Crossfit Affiliate champions 2017), Jacob Heppner, Brooke Ence, Kara Webb, Jared Stevens and Haley Adams to name a few.

Nick specializes in an interdisciplinary approach to programming and athlete training for long-term performance gains. He blends physical, psychological, and physiological aspects of training in his strength and conditioning programs. He brings a wealth of knowledge to bear. Nick is a sought after speaker – his comprehensive athlete camps bridge multiple disciplines and perspectives necessary for improving human athletic performance.

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