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Dr. Nick Sorrel started gymnastics at a young age and trained year round for competitions until his junior year of high school. Sorrel’s passion for gymnastics followed him from high school to college where he coached at several gyms.

He discovered CrossFit in 2011 and immediately applied his competitive attitude from his years spent training as a gymnast. In Sorrel’s first year entering the CrossFit Open, he placed 20th in the South Central Region and made it to Regionals in 2012. If you want to learn how to improve your swing, pull-up or handstand walk, he’s your guy.

Oh, and he has a “side gig” as an ear, nose and throat surgeon — so he can help you in that department too.

I hear you draw some of the best gymnastics stick figures in the game. How did this skill develop?

Seeing the world in stick figures is kind of a burden, but it makes you really get to know a person, rather than be superficial and judge based on appearances — and it makes me a damn good coach, too. But really… I don’t know how it developed. I just look at a lot of videos and pay attention to the way bodies move and then use sticks and circles to recreate that. POOF… magic.

What motivates you?

Accomplishment and growth.

Apparently when you’re not coaching you’re looking up nostrils and down throats. How does being an ENT doctor work in with your coaching?

I get anxious when I sit still, so being a physician helps to channel that energy and makes me more analytical. It also makes me more attuned to the concept of developing skills within myself that may be valuable to the wellbeing of others.

My job, in both arenas, is to use my ability to empower my patients and athletes with tools and knowledge that can help them identify and achieve their personal goals — and my personal goal is to be damn good at that.

What’s your favorite part about coaching gymnastics?

Two things equally: the opportunity to create something new and the people.

  1. The opportunity to create something new. Fitness gymnastics is such a new sport and I have the opportunity to carve out thoughts and ideas that are completely new — it’s exciting.
  2. The people. There’s so much power in the shared human experience. To get the opportunity to be in the company of like-minded people all pursuing an excellence in life is awesome. Not only does it make me happy, but it makes me better.

Anything else?

I love spaghetti.

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