Tim LeBlanc

Matthew Cooper

Tell us a little about you?

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, I moved to Texas when I was 10, so southern born and raised baby! I have always been an active person and played football at Colorado State University. I’m a firm believer in setting high standards for myself and others in order to scratch the surface on one’s potential.

“If you’re not making someone else’s life better, then you’re wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.”


How did I get into CrossFit?

After College Football ended I always had a plan to enlist in the military. I was never able to obtain a medical waiver after 5 years of going down every possible avenue and felt lost. During buds preparation, I stumbled across CrossFit looking for ways to increase the amount of pull-ups I could do. When my military dream died, I was looking for something to fill that void. I bought a Groupon for a 10-class pack and showed up to my first class on Friday of Open Workout 14.2, ascending OHS/C2B. I think I made it to the 9 min window and couldn’t feel my arms or lungs. I loved it. 

*Note I do not recommend going full RX on your first day of class in the middle of the Open 🙂 Let this group of amazing coaches progress and push you. 


What motivates you?

Motivation is a short term feeling. Dedication is what creates change or results over time. If you are searching for motivation to reach some lofty goal or outcome, you won’t ever reach what you desire. 

You have to want something so bad, that you obsess over it. You won’t need the motivation to get up every day and work for it because you are dedicated to your craft.


Favorite junk food?

Bacon Cheese Burger, Fries and a Barq’s Root Beer


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