Todd Wise

Matthew Cooper

Todd Wise, one-on-one coach, has a comprehensive background in martial arts and CrossFit. In addition to being a five-year CrossFit affiliate owner, he competed in the CrossFit Regionals in 2014.

After competing in Regionals, he was inspired to train athletes, which led him to opening CrossFit Currahee. He is eager to help CrossFit athletes reach their full potential at both Currahee and Brute.

Did we mention Coach Todd also has a 3rd-degree black belt in taekwondo? So yeah– you wanna be on his good side.

What are your motivators in life?

My biggest motivator is my faith. Second, is seeing people grow or achieve something really challenging. It is almost addicting to help people tackle difficult things that are life-changing, especially in the CrossFit space. Even small things like doing a handstand can affect people in a way that is so indescribable, and that is extremely rewarding. I chase those moments.

Do you have any hobbies/projects outside of fitness?

If I’m not snowboarding or camping, then I’m working on building a school bus into a living space. I want to live a little more like a minimalist and create some travel in my life.

We heard you have some pretty cool workout gear?

I work out in VIRUS tights. People think it’s weird and exposing, but I love the compression and see no need to waist a pair of shorts and add to the laundry, no need to go over the top.

What are your pre and post workout staples?

I don’t usually eat pre, but post workout I reward my session with pom lemonade.