WZA Program

Quit trying, start qualifying.

If you’re on your way to Wodapalooza and want very specific training to get you prepped, you’re in the right place. In just 8 weeks, you’ll be ready to crush the competition with this comprehensive program designed by Games athletes and coaches.

WZA Program Overview: What is it?

Created for all areas of WZA and fully scalable based on your needs and time, this 8-week program starting on November 19th will take you all the way to competition day — guiding you every step of the way. Just keep in mind, this program starts SOON, so don’t wait if you want to reap all the benefits.

  • A comprehensive training program created by world-class coaches, delivered via app, ensuring anytime access to workouts.
  • Metcons and EMOMs, anywhere between 3-8 per week depending on time of the season.
  • Structured warm-ups to prevent injury, because limpin’ ain’t easy.
  • Support team and Facebook group to bond, motivate and get feedback during those “am I doing this thing right?” moments. We also host weekly coach livecasts within the groups, because we fancy like that.

Join a qualified tribe.

Each Brute coach has either competed in WZA, the Games or coached dozens of athletes who have — and some have done all three. These are the brains behind this program. We’re ready to coach you when you are.

This program starts on November 19. Sign up now!

$199 Total

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When I got back from the military, I was just mixing up different WODs each week, kind of making it up as I went. But I love Brute because they give me a structured plan. It’s really all I needed, it’s the best of the best giving me a plan.George Sanchez