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Athletes who use our training end up winning. Like, all the time.


Over 10,000 athletes have used these 30+ Accessory Workouts to hit PRs on every one of their big lifts. It’s become something of a Secret Strength Weapon. Grab yours now.



We’re on a mission to build better everybodies.

Brute Strength is the only team providing a group programming model that is modified to the needs of each individual athlete.

Our mission is to inspire, educate and entertain as many people as possible to live stronger lives.

We’ve coached every kind of body from soccer moms and Olympians, to Games champions and college kids, plus pro athletes and working professionals to live happier, healthier lives through a holistic, team-based approach to physical and mental fitness.

Whether you want to pick up heavier heavy stuff or just look hot as hell in bed, Brute Strength has a program for you.


We believe that real strength isn’t just about what your muscles can do, it’s about mental toughness, too. It’s the difference between winning and just competing — between being an Elite athlete and being a guy or girl who just goes to the gym a lot.

That’s why each of our programs are built for growth mindsets, because we believe our minds are as malleable as our muscles. We want you to be more productive and more present, to experience more joy, more fun, more life inside and outside of the gym.

Focus and strength, mental toughness and physical endurance all combined is Brute Strength. We’ll help you find yours.


Train for the mind and body you want



3- to 4-hour daily training for athletes aiming for the Games or Regionals.


60- to 90-minute daily training for competitive athletes that want to get in and get out.


Sculpt a body that looks good at the gym and in bed.


100% weightlifting when your current program isn’t getting you to 100%.


For athletes 35+ who wanna get harder, better, faster, stronger.


Supplemental program designed to improve your skill level in every area.


1 ON 1

This program isn’t made for everyone. It’s made for one. And that one is you.



Brute Strength Patch System

Swag is earned at Brute.



When you join Brute Strength, you patch-in as a pledge.


After 4 months, you’re officially part of the Tribe. It’s like a family you choose.


Celebrating a year with Brute means it’s more than a hobby. It’s your way of life.


You set a lofty personal goal and possessed the unbridled courage to achieve it.


Whether at a seminar or other live event, you’re smart enough to know you don’t know everything.


How We Work

It’s science, but not rocket science. At Brute Strength, we test, train & track your progress throughout the program.

  • 2-Week Testing
    As a new Brute Athlete, you’ll be put through an initial testing phase.

  • Assessment
    We’ll apply the collective Brute Strength brain power to choose the right training group for you.

  • Program Assignment
    Congrats! We’re ready to kick your ass in the program that’s perfect for you.

  • 100% DIGITAL
    Your program? There’s an app for that.

  • 1:1 CHECK-INS
    Regular check-ins with your elite, experienced coach to keep you 100. You’ll share a coach with elite athletes, so you know you’re getting the best.

    An anonymous wise (wo)man once said “Teamwork makes the dreamwork.” We agree, that’s why when you join Brute Strength you join a community of kickass athletes to connect with on a private Facebook page. You’ll also get first dibs on joining us at our Athlete Camps where we all workout, eat big and have fun together. Don’t join if you’re not fun.

Since 2011 I’ve done all my own programming, so I had a hard time trusting anyone to do it for me. After just 12 weeks I’m as strong as ever. I was initially drawn to Brute Strength because of their team of coaches. They have experts in literally everything. I am able to progress more quickly because there is a logical progression to everything we do. I’d recommend this program to anyone, whether you’re trying to make it to the Games like me or just be the best in your gym.

Jared Stevens

Working with the Brute crew has been an all around great experience for me as an athlete. I love the approach they take with the structure of the lifting, gymnastics and endurance work. My favorite workouts are the IWT sessions. My confidence level in running, rowing and high skill gymnastics is the best it’s ever been. Mike Cazayoux and the crew are great to work with and really know what they are doing.

Miranda Oldroyd

Like any remote programming, its hard to know exactly what you’re getting into. Doing some research, its ran by the best in the business, and Brute has brought in experts in certain fields (olympic lifting, gymnastics, endurance, etc), and a 2 time affiliate cup champ who has studied under some of the best strength coaches out there putting the pieces together. Its worth the money because you’re getting feedback and from the coaches, the more you put in, the more you get out. You’re also held accountable by 300+ athletes like yourself that you have an open line of communication with.

Ramsay Kubik



Individually we’re smart, collectively we’re Einstein.



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