Brute Takes Miami — Spring Break ’18

Grab your shades, we’re headed down to the land of orange juice for the 2018 Brute Athlete Camp. You comin’ with? We’ve got 2 action-packed days of life-changing lectures and competition-wrecking pro-tips. Hosts include a few of our faves: Chris Hinshaw, Adrian Conway, Matt Bruce, Nick Sorrel, Nick Fowler, Michael Cazayoux and Adee Cazayoux. Catch flights, not feelings, amirite? See you in Miami.

Your strategy for Diane (18.4)

Well, looks like Diane is bringing her boyfriend to this party, with a classic 21-15-9 rep set times two. Many of you may jump into this attacking Diane like you’ve done in the past, but you better take a different approach if you want to have a nice meeting with her boyfriend. Breaking it up early, before you get fatigued is key here. Listen to Brute Coach Adrian Conway breakdown the strategy and give you tips you probably haven’t thought ...

Blog: 18.3 Strategy Guide

18.3 isn’t a nice lady. Double-unders, heavy weights and muscle-ups — oh my! Remember when you thought 18.2 was a bitch? Meet 18.3. With the most reps in the history of the Open, this one has everyone screaming #damndave. Enough panicking — we’ve got your strategy guide. From warming up to staying in the game, this 14-minute video with Brute Coaches Nick Fowler and Adrian Conway has you covered.  

The 411 on 18.2

18.2 is here and it’s bringing the heat  — and the burpees. This one’s intense and there’s a lottttt to consider when going into this workout. Learn how to conquer the A and the B, including how to warm up for go-time, with Brute Coaches Adrian Conway and Nick Fowler.

Traveling and Working Out

On The Road & Still On Point Whether for business or for pleasure, staying accountable can be tough when you’re on the move. But with a little bit of planning, you can minimize your slip-ups, or eliminate them all together. First, consider your flight time. It could be worth shelling out the extra Jackson or two to skip the redeye. Something as simple as shorting your sleep schedule can really throw off your routine. Second, scope out your spot. Check ...