Working in Before Working Out

Annika Naidoo

I love to lift weights.   I love to sweat and find that ‘second wind’ in a workout, proving time and time again to myself that I can meet and sometimes surpass my own expectations.   Why Do We Do It?   Whether you’re a competitor or not, we’ve all experienced the clarity and confidence that comes from lifting a heavy barbell or nailing a workout in the gym.   “Balance” is another word thrown around a lot – this ...

Get to Know the Brutes – Adrian Conway


Adrian is originally from a small town in Pennsylvania called Mill Creek.  Adrian grew up with a split family since he was three years old which means he grew up having two families. One family was in the town of Mill Creek in central Pennsylvania and the other side of his family was a military based family in the Air Force. His stepdad and mom were stationed all throughout the country. Adrian would alternate years between both families spending the ...

The Gears of the Gymnastics Motor: Static Positioning


One of the most emphasized aspects of artistic gymnastics is one of the most widely overlooked in competitive fitness gymnastics, and that is static body positioning. In gymnastics there are descriptive terms for a variety of common positions of the core, arms and legs including: arch, hollow, tuck, pike, straddle, stalder, lunge, ‘puck’, ‘cowboy’, blocked out, lever, planche, plank, pressed out, etc. All of these terms and innumerable other variations are combined to create common body positions. These positions form the building blocks of gymnastics skill and successful manipulation of the body in space.

How to know if you are pound for pound stronger than your friends


Have you ever wondered how your 245 clean stacks up to that one big guy in the gym who cleans 275? Maybe he’s 60 pounds heavier than you and you are thinking there must be some way to accurately measure the difference pound for pound. There is a way!

How to Fall in Love With Fear

Lauren Tait

Has someone ever sat you down and explained to you that you need to embrace fear and fall in love with it? I know I have had that conversation in the past and immediately I laughed it off and told myself that all I needed to do was simply figure out a way to run away from fear or buck up and overcome it because fear was not real and the best people in sport, business, and life feel no ...