Anti-Core Training: What it is and Why You Should Do it

Matthew Cooper

It’s a common misunderstanding that the best way to develop a strong core is through core training exercises that focus on trunk-flection or extensions, like crunches and oblique-targeted workouts that often become repetitive. Rather than bore yourself in the gym with the false assumption that you need to do a thousand crunches a day to maintain a six-pack, incorporate exercises that actively work to build and maintain your core muscles. Ultimately, your nutrition is the most important aspect for getting ...

Why You Need To Be Passionate, Not Motivated

Matthew Cooper

“Those with passion do, and those without passion try.” There comes a point on your fitness journey where you may start feeling drained. You may find yourself questioning why you started counting macros, or if that early morning run before training is really worth the extra 15 minutes of sleep you could’ve squeezed in. An encouraging, “you got this!” from your coach or a quote you read on Facebook are only band-aid solutions if you’ve lost the drive in yourself. ...

Are You Getting Outside of the Gym Enough?

Matthew Cooper

Step outside and smell the roses. When’s the last time you did your workout outside? For many of us, the gym quickly becomes our “second home,” and it’s hard to break away. If you’re burnt out from the gym life, maybe it’s a good idea to mix it up a few days a week. Whether that’s taking a hike at a local trail or swimming in a pool, your body and mind will thank you for it. Fresh air + ...

How To: Train Local Muscle Endurance

Matthew Cooper

Up your push-up game. We can help. Training your local muscle endurance can be done a lot of ways, but here we give you tips and workouts for you to try that’ll strengthen a specific muscle group to help you do reps on reps on reps. In a nutshell: Pick a specific muscle group to work on. Do as many reps as you can that target that muscle group– FAST. Take a long rest. Repeat. Go ahead, try it out.

Brute Showdown Episode 4: All the Balls


In the final episode of this series of the Brute Showdown, Bodybuilder Lawrence Ballenger, Powerlifter Steve Gentili, CrossFit Games Athlete Jacob Heppner, and Olympic Weightlifter Luis Javier Mosquera complete the last five events — and someone leaves with a big badge of respect. In this episode, the competitors complete these events: Football Combine Soccer Ball Dribble Football Throw Batting Cage/Baseball Throw Knockout (Basketball) Someone makes a huge comeback and takes home the glory. Watch the whole episode to find out. ...